RV Dealers in the US & Canada are finding value in using our goIDit solution!

"Our problem was knowing which units were on my sales versus several storage lots. Since implementing goIDit, I no longer have this problem. We have been able to improve our customer experience by taking customers directly to the unit they came to see. In addition our service department is able to locate inventory faster, saving both time and money." Steve Fretz, Owner, Fretz RV

“For us key factors in purchasing goIDit were the cost, ease of use, and accountability of where the RV’s were. We are loving it! It is so nice to send a porter, salesperson, or whoever out to find a unit and to be able to pin point where it is. It is definitely a time saver.” Josh Hawkins, Service Manager, Hilltop RV Superstore

So, as the busy season begins, we wanted to introduce you to a new module that will save you even more time, money and help your dealership run more efficiently.

Introducing goIDit Porter Management! Our porter management system helps you improve the way you schedule, track, and manage all the RV units that get moved around your lot.

Here's how it works: In this use case, we'll focus on units that are in for service. When those units are checked in at the service department, we simply provision a goIDit tracker for it. After check in, the unit gets moved to a waiting area by a porter and our system updates the new location automatically. When the service technician is ready to work on it, they schedule a move in our system to notify the porters of where the unit currently is,  where it needs to go and when it needs to be there. The porter accepts the move assignment, goes to where it is and moves it to the new location where it is automatically updated again. When they are done working on the unit in the service department, a new porter move request is made where they'll move it to another holding area. goIDit automatically updates the location again to make it easy to find it when the customer arrives for pick up.

When the customer checks out of service, the dealership takes the sensor off the unit places it in a box which removes the association with the unit and makes it ready to be used on the next one.

Let us help you maximize your resources, profit margins, and the number of units you sell this summer with goIDit!