Track and locate any key any time to improve operations and customer experiences.

If you spend time and money locating and replacing lost keys we have a solution for you. Don’t just manage the keys when they are in the spot they should be. It’s when they’re not that you most need a way to find them.

With goIDit we use wireless sensors that attach to the key rings and are assigned to vehicles that are in your inventory. We record the location of the key and uploaded this information to the goIDit cloud service to cross reference the sensor to the VIN by make, model, and year.

  • If the key moves, we update it.
  • If you sell the vehicle reassign the sensor.
  • If you need to find a key it’s easy even if it’s in a drawer.

All of your staff can locate any key from the goIDit app by searching for VIN, Make, Model, Year. If it’s where it should be it lights up to identify itself. If it’s not goIDit tells you where it’s at so you can go to that location and find it.

  • In a drawer, no problem – make it Ring!
  • Back in the service department – go there and find it!
  • On a test drive- see it on a map!

Don’t waste time and money finding or replacing missing keys. Get goIDit!


Why you need goIDit Key Manager


Reduce lost sales. Don’t give customers a reason to leave because you can’t find keys.

Improve CSI scores. How you manage a customers’ experience is critical to the way you and your team are perceived.

Reduce cost of replacement keys. Why spend money replacing expensive keys?

Reduce operational costs. We provide easy to use wireless sensors to track the location of all of your keys to reduce the time and effort it takes to manage them.

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