Dealership Content Management

Dealerships across the country use Dealer Retriever to capture deal jackets, repair orders, parts and service tickets, accounts payable invoices, human resources documents and more from any source and then automate the business processes associated with them with intelligent workflows...all at a significantly lower cost than the document management modules offered by most dealership management software companies!

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Professional Services


Dealer Retriever is committed to delivering the most value from your investment in the shortest possible time. Our dedicated PS team can help with the successful planning, configuration, integration, launch, administration and maintenance of your Dealer Retriever application.

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Key and Vehicle Tracking


goIDit from Dealer Retriever is a wireless sensor and app solution that is cost effective and easy to use. With goIDit, you can track and instantly find any vehicle or key in your inventory which directly impacts your operational costs and improves your management controls and customer service.

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Our Mission

As manufacturer requirements, regulatory mandates and price pressure from customers increase, auto dealers are finding it more difficult to maintain profitability and high service levels. Dealer Retriever helps dealers get control of paper documents and manual processes that increase costs and prevent maximum efficiency.

Dealer Retriever dealerships are able to increase efficiency, improve responsiveness to customers and manufacturers and hold the line on costs by eliminating manual paper-based processes. For authorized users, documents are immediately available from any location, or even a mobile device, while being protected from unauthorized viewing, loss or unforeseen disasters.

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Next Steps...

Request a no cost, no obligation demo of Dealer Retriever now! We love sharing success stories of how we've helped dealerships just like yours take control of document driven processes!