Dealership Content Management

Dealer Retriever software helps dealers get control of paper documents and manual processes that increase costs and prevent maximum efficiency.

Dealerships across the country use Dealer Retriever to capture deal jackets, repair orders, parts and service tickets, accounts payable invoices, human resources documents and more from any source and then automate the business processes associated with them with intelligent workflows. These dealerships are able to increase efficiency, improve responsiveness to customers and manufacturers and hold the line on costs by eliminating manual paper-based processes. For authorized users, documents are immediately available from any location, or even a mobile device, while being protected from unauthorized viewing, loss or unforeseen disasters.

Dealer Retriever is significantly cheaper than the add-on document management modules offered by dealership management systems and offers a larger feature set and process automation capabilities.

Our document and workflow software includes all of the components needed for world-class automation in a single, easy-to-use package. A comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) application, Dealer Retriever includes e-forms, data capture, analytics, mobility and integration, so there’s no need to buy extra modules to ensure work flows smoothly throughout the enterprise.

Dealer Retriever’s cloud-native architecture means it can be deployed quickly and accessed from anywhere in the world using any device. Dealer Retriever has thousands of customers across industries and around the world who have improved productivity in core business processes, as well as back-office operations like accounts payable and human resources.

Key and Vehicle Tracking

goIDit from Dealer Retriever is a wireless sensor and app solution that is cost effective and easy to use. With goIDit, you can track and instantly find any vehicle or key in your inventory which directly impacts your operational costs and improves your management controls and customer service.

All of your staff can locate any key from the goIDit app by searching for VIN, Make, Model, Year. If it’s where it should be it lights up to identify itself. If it’s not goIDit tells you where it’s at so you can go to that location and find it.

  • In a drawer, no problem – make it Ring!
  • Back in the service department – go there and find it!
  • On a test drive- see it on a map!

Don’t waste time and money finding or replacing missing keys. Get goIDit!


Professional Services

Dealer Retriever's Professional Services is committed to delivering the most value from your Dealer Retriever investment in the shortest possible time. We have a dedicated a team to help with the successful planning, configuration, integration, launch, administration and maintenance of your Dealer Retriever application. Our certified professionals can partner with you and your organization to create a well-defined and well-executed roadmap to success. Our Professional Services team can help with:

  • Implementations
  • Technical Services
  • Training
  • Post Deployment Services
  • Workflow Design
  • ECM Application Customization
  • Custom Integrations


To be successful, you need to have quick access to information, many times from multiple systems, to make effective business decisions. But if your library of business applications are disconnected, they become siloed which means more manual processes, inconsistent data, and room for human error.

Dealer Retriever is designed to be easy-to-deploy, highly configurable, scalable, flexible and secure with a modern and intuitive user interface. We provide our customers with the best experience for integrating Dealer Retriever with other third-party, line of business applications.

  • Pull and/or push data between Dealer Retriever to Dealership Management Systems such as Reynolds and Reynolds, DealerBuiltLightYear, AutoManager, DealerClick, and many others.
  • Custom Integrations between Third Party Windows-based Line of Business Applications such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, SharePoint, SQL, ODBC, QuickBooks, and more.

Document Scanning Services

Don't have the resources to scan documents yourself? Don't worry! We can scan your documents for you! Dealer Retriever has scanned millions of documents and microfilm records at our San Antonio, Texas conversion service facility. We scan everything from receipts up to large format documents and every size in between. Once your records have been digitized by our team of experts, we return the electronic images into your Dealer Retriever software.

Next Steps...

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