What You Can Achieve with Dealer Retriever

You own your data. Whether you choose an on-site or cloud based system, your data is 100% yours; even if you move to another solution.

Lower cost than most DMS document management modules, and offers many more options and features.

Flexibility of cloud or on-site storage gives you the options of choosing how you prefer to access your data.

Integrates with most dealer management systems and allows you to control how documents are automatically classified and stored so you aren’t tied to a system that no longer meets your needs.

Eases compliance with manufacturers’ audits and other regulatory requirements to provide requested documents and the audit trails proving all protocols were followed.

Automates processes such as approvals or requests by routing them electronically.

Eliminates the time spent filing and retrieving paper documents and recovers the space.

Role-based user rights make it easy to provide access to the information users need while protecting sensitive documents such as customer credit applications and employee HR files, even across multiple rooftops.


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