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Take the worry and work out of your RO process with Dealer Retriever RO Finder.

No Software | No Extra Work | Pennies per RO | Successful Audits

Finding ROs couldn't be easier. As an example you can search for and find all the ROs you completed in the first 10 days of February, or all the ROs you completed on a specific vehicle over the last 2 years.

We are so sure that RO Finder will solve your Repair Order "filing and finding" needs that we are willing to let you try it for free. Sign up at: and never worry about finding complete ROs again!

All you have to do is scan your completed Repair Orders to us and they are ready for you to use. There is nothing else you have to do!

What is RO Finder?

RO Finder is a complete Repair Order filing system. It is designed to take the work out of filing Repair Orders and to ensure they can be found for your audits.

RO Finder is built on the Dealer Retriever platform. Dealer Retriever is a cloud-based system specializing in simplifying your work. Dealer Retriever gives you the flexibility and power you need to drive your business.

Next Steps...

Request a no cost, no obligation demo of Dealer Retriever RO Finder now! We love sharing success stories of how we've helped dealerships just like yours take control of document driven processes!