Connecting Customers to Dealerships

We provide simple solutions that produce Big Results.

For example, our pre-printed QR codes link every vehicle in your inventory directly to its VDP on your website. Customers simply scan them for a safe contactless shopping experience.

This allows you to capture high-quality leads from your on-lot shoppers and effectively present the latest pricing and incentives information.

Improved lot activity insights for you, improved shopping experiences for your customers!

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Why Choose Dealer Retriever's Customer Engagement Solution?

Capture High Quality Leads

Not all VDP views are of equal quality, and there is no higher value than when it originates from your lot, right by the vehicle itself. This indicates a motivated buyer with the time invested to come on your lot for that final purchase decision.

Let goIDit capture those leads for your and help close the deal.

Provide Up-to-Date Pricing

An average dealership makes over 1500 pricing adjustments per month.

Trying to keep up with updating price stickers and communicating these adjustments to your staff and on-lot shoppers is impossible. goIDit's deep integration of your VDPs into the on-lot experience ensures always up-to-date pricing to staff and customers alike, 24/7.

Leverage Automated Updates

Successful digital strategies to retain current customers and attract new ones require that your website needs to always be up-to-date.

goIDit provides proprietary automation that ensures that when a customer reads a vehicle's QR sticker they will see the latest information - every time.

Improve your Customer Engagement

Most people have been on dealership lots after-hours, on weekends, or during busy times, and have experienced the frustration of not being able to get the information they want for a vehicle they are interested in. Don't lose sales because you can't talk to shoppers!

With goIDit you are connecting your on-lot shoppers to your online presence - available 24/7.

Connecting Customers to VDPs

Our QR-based customer engagement solution enables you to easily and automatically capture high-quality leads from your on-lot shoppers – capitalizing on the interest they are expressing and bridging the last mile of the shopping process.

This system does not replace your digital marketing, but extends it to include your on-lot presence.

They are always available, even when you are not, allowing you to capture leads from weekend and off-hour shoppers. By directly linking each QR to the vehicle’s VDP we let your shoppers access vehicle details, up-to-date pricing and all available incentives – maximizing the opportunity to turn shoppers into buyers!

The goIDit QR system is easy to use:

* They can be read with the camera on a phone.
* Virtually everyone is familiar with them and knows how to use them.
* Simply point-scan-click will get customers the information they desire.
* Our QR stickers can be customized to represent your branding, your messaging.


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