40+ Million Documents Stored

Red McCombs Enterprises

McCombs Enterprises is utilizing a Dealer Retriever on-site system  to manage 20+ million documents related to the corporate office, company administration, and car dealership sales, service and parts activities. Dealer Retriever simplifies user work by retrieving information from the Reynolds & Reynolds print file to help automate indexing and increase user productivity.

One of the largest benefits has been for McCombs Enterprises to take advantage of the Dealer Retriever workflow capabilities to electronically route AP invoices, thus eliminating the need to courier paper invoices to the dealerships for manager approval for payment and reducing AP invoice late payment penalties by over 50%!


“We have been using Dealer Retriever since 2013.  We now have over 20 million documents in electronic storage.  The product is both flexible and robust, and allows us to design projects for our dealerships as well as our dozens of other businesses.

Dealer Retriever is an Electronic Content Management application as opposed to a document management product.  We can upload, store and retrieve scanned images, pdf documents, email message contents, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and even sound or video.  Documents can be scanned using dedicated high-production scanners, multi-function desktop printers, or networked copiers depending on the need and availability of equipment.

We have implemented the Dealer Retriever solution in a decentralized manner to multiple dealership locations.  We can capture (scan, upload, etc.) documents at various dealerships where it makes sense, or capture the documents at our centralized business office.  The flexibility of the product allows us to use the product as we see fit and in ways that make sense to us and our business processes.  Custom-designed workflows allow employs to share documents, route them for approval, and process their disposition.  Online forms allow us to further automate and streamline these workflows.”

John P. McGinty, Jr.
Director of Information Technology
McCombs Enterprises


Securing Customer Information

Pearl Motor Company

Paper-based records made it more challenging for Pearl Motor Company to provide the high levels of customer service it strives for and protect sensitive customer data.

When Pearl Motor Company moved to a new location after almost 100 years in business, owner George Huffman decided to eliminate the inefficiency of and space devoted to paper files by implementing Upland’s FileBound to manage documents.

Pearl Motor staff now scan all of the documents associated with the purchase of a new or used car, from the credit application to the dealer jacket that has detailed information about the sale. Using scanners from Fujitsu Computer Products of America, a part-time staff member is also working on scanning existing records dating back about five years.

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